About the Team - Gilles Jeaurond

Starting Out

In the late 1970’s Gilles as a eager young man was given the opportunity to work as a roughneck on a service rig. He learned that he had a bright future in this industry as he soon worked his way up to the position of a “tool push”. Not too long after that he was introduced to “snubbing’ work and that’s where it all began…


Gilles started out in the snubbing field working for a company by the name of Otis Engineering (sister company of Haliburton). He was also at the time part of a blow out recovery team for Red Adair. At this time snubbing was done with the ever so dangerous cable unit. His experience in the field by this time landed him a part role of designing the first hydraulic snubbing unit in Canada. Gilles stayed with Otis for six years before staring a joint venture company called High Tech well control. At High Tech he experimented with his knowledge of the snubbing world and built five different units. His time with High Tech was short lived as he was given the opportunity the start a company by the name of Canadian Special Service. At Canadian Gilles flourished for 14 years. He designed and put to use a multitude of pressure control equipment. Was sponsored by the Canadian government to apply his knowledge to overseas countries. He was even given the opportunity to train countless men in the pressure control industry before settling into his early retirement.

Here and now...

Having gone into retirement early and having such a wide variety of skillsets in the pressure control industry. Gilles was approached by a young fellow by the name of Chris Couchman. Chris had just about finished building his first snubbing unit when he was first introduced to Gilles. He soon realized what good teammates they could make if they were to start out a put together a new company. Gilles was reluctant at first but the more and more he got to socialize with Chris the harder it was to suppress his true calling as a pressure control specialist. They quickly put there ideas together and formed Canadian Pressure Control. Now Gilles is back doing what he does best. The company is new but the knowledge and wisdom behind it is strong. “Put The Pressure On Us” can be comfortably held as the motto. Not only is the equipment proactive and efficient. The team running it has the knowledge and the leadership from the best in the business.